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Homemade Desserts

All of our delicious desserts are made in-house from scratch by our pastry chef!

Cakes & Pies

Apple Crisp a la Mode
Made with warm, spiced, fresh-apple filling and a lot of love! Topped with a brown sugar oat crumble and creamy vanilla ice cream   9

Key Lime Pie
Buttery graham cracker crust with a tart Key Lime filling, decorated with fresh whipped cream and raspberry sauce   7

Coconut Cake
Thin layers of coconut pound cake sandwiched between decadent coconut-rum cream cheese frosting! Topped with freshly toasted coconut   8

Alabama Stack Cake
Chocolate lovers unite! Eight thin layers of chocolate sponge cake and chocolate mousse, glazed with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chocolate shavings   8

Bourbon Pecan Pie
Our pecan pie (with Buffalo Trace bourbon) in a shortbread cookie crust, with fresh whipped cream   8

Frozen Treats

Homemade Ice Cream
Our exceptional ice cream is churned in-house, to silky perfection, with two scoops per order!   6

Oreo     Mint Chocolate Chip     Coffee Crunch     Bourbon Pecan (21+)     Vanilla    Brownie Bite    Strawberry Sorbet

Nutty Buddy
House-made vanilla ice cream coated with rich Belgian chocolate and peanuts, in a large waffle cone   9

Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich
A thick layer of Julep’s Oreo ice cream, sandwiched between two larger-than-life red velvet cookies!   8